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Dr. Shackle has 30 years of experience related to power electronics and the lighting industry. With 61 issued US patents in this field and a doctorate from the prestigious University of Cambridge in the UK, he is well positioned to write declarations concerning patents concerned with LED lighting and lighting electronics patents in general. In his career Dr Shackle has been especially involved with LED circuit patents.  Dr. Shackle is an elected senior member of the IEEE and a member of the illuminating engineering society. He is very familiar with Philips patents concerning lighting electronics.

Dr. Shackle has been involved in ten patent disputes, involving both patent holders and petitioners in IPR (Inter Partes review) proceedings. Many of these have involved dimming circuits for LEDs. He has also been an LED lighting expert witness in district court cases, and has appeared as an expert witness on LED lights in proceedings at the International Trade Commission (ITC) court in Washington. He has cumulatively given 32 hours of deposition testimony as an expert witness in support of legal declarations. When he worked as an expert witness on LED drivers he was also an expert witness on providing power to lighting devices in general. Additionally, he worked  as a witness for a case involving a patent which he authored. Dr Shackle has several times testified concerning the interpretation of Color Kinetics patents, and especially concerning the properties of feedforward circuits. He has in the past provided testimony concerning the interpretation of us patent 7038399. See the publications section of this website for examples.

Dr. Shackle has been a speaker at the Strategies in Light meeting and has authored articles on LED circuits in LEDs magazine. (see publications section of this web page)

Dr. Shackle is available to help Lighting Electronics companies draft patent disclosures ready for an attorney to work on, and with his wide experience in writing patents he can be especially helpful in drafting the most powerful claims possible in view of the technological background in the industry for the patenting of some new product. He is well qualified to perceive infringement of patent claims upon other existing patents. He is experienced with issues of LED chromaticity and analyzing industry patents for the purpose of claim construction. His experience particularly covers triac dimming of LED circuits.

One of Dr. Shackle’s recent inventions has been the invention of an AC LED module of a kind which has higher efficiency than other AC LED modules, and which also has the capability to be scaled up to indefinitely large sizes.